The best kind of life is the kinder life

3 thoughts on “The best kind of life is the kinder life”

  1. Beutiful bit of writing that reminds us of what we are all really here for – to create and spread kindness and love. Note here’s a thought that should keep the kind light shining… How about a daily kindness challenge – share on social media at least two acts of kindness that you committed or witnessed.
    I’ll begin shall I? I gave a rather tired looking elderly farm worker a short lift on my motorbike today and I gave a cute young lady one of my 2 for 1 dragon fruit daiquiris. Both recipients were delighted, and I felt great.

  2. I was your uber driving about a month back and finally got round to reading the article. What a great piece. I’m inspired to practise Kindfulness and am going to share the link on my Facebook. So comforting to know that there are some great people in the world. Well done for sharing positivity to all : )

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